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The Presidio Gurdjieff Group, founded by Mr. Nyland, focuses exclusively on the ideas of Gurdjieff and their personal application. Mr. Nyland became acquainted with the teaching of Gurdjieff in New York in 1924 through A.R. Orage, who conducted the early groups in America. Shortly thereafter he met Gurdjieff and remained in direct contact with him for 25 years, until Gurdjieff’s death. At Gurdjieff’s request, Mr. Nyland established groups to present his teaching, especially the method called Work on oneself, a practical application of Gurdjieff’s ideas which gives Objective experience and a different way of Being. Upon retirement Mr. Nyland dedicated himself full-time to this effort, gradually creating a library of recorded meetings that covers Work at many levels: physical, emotional and intellectual. Some of us had direct contact with him, but the main reason why he remains important to us is our growth, which continues to be helped by his explanations and ability to inspire and encourage; this is also true for those who never met him—they equally profit from his clarity and guidance.

Mr. Nyland insisted that the method, aim and wish to Work be clearly and strictly presented using an exact terminology, as well as placed within the context of what Gurdjieff himself wrote (not someone else). In their totality, we refer to this as his legacy, an invaluable and unique collection of lectures, questions-and-answers, and diagrams about Gurdjieff’s ideas and Work, sometimes emphasizing aspects as yet theoretical but important for one’s aim, at other times simple attempts through tasks and exercises in daily life.

Mr. Nyland recorded his meetings intending they be used in the future, in part as a foundation for anyone interested in Gurdjieff’s ideas but also that we listen to them whenever we wish, not only to recollect what he said but to understand issues previously not relevant to us, beyond our experience but now of interest. As the years go by, it has become increasingly important to organize the material (recordings, transcriptions, summaries, etc.) so anyone who is seriously interested can find whatever s/he needs, that nothing be denied to that end for lack of accessibility. This is our aim; if you wish to pursue this with us, please contact us.

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